The Quest

Finding the perfect Realtor is an important personal quest. Your home has so many meanings. When you start the journey you need a guide, somebody who has been where you're going many times and can help you feel confident about the decisions you're about to make, someone you can trust; a person with experience, empathy, education and the proper skills. All Realtors are not alike and you should be sure the one you choose 'feels' right to you. It makes all the difference in the world.

Buying and selling property - in Burbank, Illinois, Chicago's southwest neighborhoods and southwest suburbs - especially a home, is one of the proudest and most personal experiences individuals and families encounter. It's also one of the most serious choices you'll ever make and for most of us, the  most expensive.  There's little in our lives that has quite the emotional impact as the word "HOME."

Whether you're buying or selling today, you'll need the working knowledge of an entire industry; market trends, types of financing, lenders, inspections and inspectors, closing costs, contracts, riders, home warranties, appraisers, signs, advertising, setting appointments, attorneys...the list can seem quite daunting. Let my 27 years of experience in the same market take the worry out of your transaction. It's a full-time job.














Susan Sirles Fidler
City Suburban Real Estate
8544 South Cicero Ave.
Burbank, IL. 60459
Realtor and MLS Equal housing opportunity
Equal Housing Opportunity
Phone: 708.907.5133
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Susan Fidler
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